Liam O'Neill Memorial Fund

If you would like to make a donation to a project that was dear to Liam
please contact Stor Mo Chroi.

poster for the Long Journey HomeStor Mo Chroi, meaning ‘Song of my Heart' in Gaelic, is the name of a group which formed as a result of The Long Trip Home, a unique journey to Ireland in September 2008. The group filmed the journey as part of a wider project about the experiences of a now-dwindling generation of Irish men and women, who emigrated to this country to find work during the mid-to-late 20th century. The journey included the reunion of two brothers who thought the other dead, and a man's return to his village after 52 years. The group is now working towards the editing, production and screening of its film in early 2009.

The roots of the project are in giving voice to that forgotten generation whose fortunes in this country were perhaps not all they had dreamed of, and whose songs and tales of toil and camaraderie are increasingly unlikely to be heard. The hope is that the resulting film will be an array of stories and recollections, framed by the journey itself; a celebration of humanity and resilience in the face of hardship and oppression.

The experience of the trip celebrated skills the group shares, be they storytelling, caring, singing, supporting, surviving, driving, cooking or local knowledge; and likewise, celebrated the fact that we are all vulnerable.

Stor Mo Chroi is a self-managing cooperative, whose members have wide ranging experiences, amongst them survivors of orphanages and care systems, street homelessness, alcohol dependency, sectarian violence, domestic violence, and enduring mental health problems. It supports members to meet, reminisce, celebrate and to record and publicise their experiences. It exists to protect the most vulnerable individuals in Irish, and other local communities, and to access, safeguard and promote their entitlements.

Stor Mo Chroi is unique as a documentary project in that it is an entirely collaborative and co-operative venture i.e the group has collective ownership over the material produced. The Long Trip Home was funded by Arts Council England, and the group is currently seeking funding to expand its operations.

Contact details  please call Julie Cassidy-Gosling on 07515542035 or Ian Nesbitt on 07791044678 or email

Alternatively postal donations, payable to "Stor Mo Chroi", can be sent to:
Stor Mo Chroi, 11 Cannon Street, Sherwood, NG5 2HB.


Posted on 30/10/2008 by Michael Simpson