Themes - Past, present, future

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This is a list of suggested headings in a theme of past, present and future.  It can be used as a way to approach life story work.


  • Past influences that have been important in your life.
  • Important Family members or friends.
  • Work or hobbies that have been important/memorable.
  • Your likes and dislikes.
  • Responsibilites that you have had.
  • Special moments or times in your life.
  • Holidays that you remember.
  • The different places you have lived.
  • Stories, meaningful or eventful times.
  • Memories of your past.


  • Issues that are important to you now.
  • Likes and dislikes.
  • Values and beliefs.
  • How you spend their time – work, hobbies, interests.
  • Feelings about where you live.
  • How you see yourself now.
  • How you would like others to see you.
  • Things you are are good at. 
  • Things you like doing.
  • Issues you may have with aspects of your life.  
  • The things tou feel you need help or support with.


  • What aspects of your life would you like to change in the future.
  • Things you would like to spend time doing.
  • New things you would like to try.
  • Hopes and dreams.
What past influences have been important in peoples lives.
Family, friends, work, hobbies ,likes and dislikes.
What responsibilites people have had.
What have been special moments or times in their lives.
Holidays, place they have lived,
Stories, meaningful or eventful times and memories of their past.
Their journey to be living here at Dovecote.

Issues that are important to them now.
Likes and dislikes. Values and beliefs.
How people spend their time – hobbies, interests.
How they see themselves now, how they would like others to see them , be with them.
Feelings about where they live,
What they would like other people to know thats important to them now.
What they are good at, what they like doing.
Issues they may have with how/where they live or with aspects of their lives.  
What people feel they need help or support with.

How they would like to change aspects of their lives in the future.
Things they may like to try or hat they may like to spend their time doing.
Hopes and dreams.

Other aspects of Identity
Background - Culture/religion
Personality/emotional make up
Life experience


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