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This is a list of suggested headings in different themes. It is one approach to life story work. It may be too prescriptive for some people but could spark some ideas for things to include.

About me :
• Name, date of birth.
• Where I live, telephone number.
• What I like best, favourite things in home, in bedroom.
• People I live with - friends/family/carers/pets.
• Parents, brothers and sisters/other family members/names of special people.
• My identity - physical appearance/culture/religion.

About the past :
• Place born, lived.
• Schools/college/work.
• Places with happy memories.
• Responsibilities in past.
• Stories/eventful times.
• Hobbies/interests.
• Past likes/dislikes.
• Knowledge gained/experiences.

Important people:
• Information about them, their birthdays.
• List of people who give support/friends.
• Spare page for other important dates.
• Space for stories from people who know me well.

My feelings:
• What I like about myself.
• How I like to spend my time.
• Things that make me feel happy or relaxed.
• Do I like large groups or quiet time/Busy days or time on my own.
• What makes me sad/angry.
• How others know how I am feeling.
• How I see myself and how I would like others to see me.
• Issues/values that are important to me now.
• Hopes and dreams for future.
• How I would like to make changes in future.
• What I would like to spend time doing.
• Who I would like to spend time with.

Things I do:
• Activities I like doing daily or weekly.
• Work or other responsibities I have.
• Holidays or breaks that I like.
• Hobbies I enjoy.
• Interests I have.
• Languages I speak.
• The type of food I like to eat/cook.
• What kind of exercise I like.
• Places I like to go.
• People I like to spend time with.
• My Likes and dislikes.
• Looking after self/support.
• Practical things I need support with - e.g. cooking/cleaning/getting around/shopping/paying bills

About health:

• Doctor information.
• Physical needs/ mental health needs.
• Health in past.
• Health in future - What would I like to improve.



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