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We have created a number of cards from the following themes that can be use to stimulate discussion and memories. Here are the themes and downloadable cards. See cards ideas page for some suggestions on how to use them.

Black Cards - Statements

Black Card Collection download PDF version
  • I am very proud of                  
  • It makes me smile when         
  • The things I like the best are
  • The best thing about me is
  • If I could change one thing about myself it would be
  • I laugh loudly when
  • I don’t like it when
  • When I was young people used to say

Yellow Cards – Things I do, People I see

Yellow Card Collection download PDF version
  • My hobbies are
  • Important people I know areI like watching these programmes on television
  • Every week I like to
  • Every day I try to
  • My friends are
  • Someone who makes me smile is
  • People who know me well are
  • People who give me support are
  • I like to remember some people’s birthdays
  • My favourite music is
  • I like to relax by...

Red Cards – Past

Red Card Collection download PDF version
  • A responsibility I have had is
  • I liked school because
  • I grew up in
  • I had a pet/I have never had a pet
  • My favourite colour is
  • Places I have lived are
  • Family members I am close to are
  • I used to collect
  • When I was growing up, special people I remember are/were
  • I am proud of these things in my past
  • Nicknames I had were
  • I didn’t like school because

Blue – Stories

Blue Card Collection download PDF version
  • I remember laughing at
  • I have a happy memory of
  • A funny thing I remember is
  • An eventful time in the past was when
  • I smile when I think about

Green – Looking after self/support/physical health

  • I feel safe when
  • I enjoy cooking/I don’t like cooking because
  • I like doing these things for my self
  • I need help with
  • I like living here/don’t enjoy living here because
  • I like/don’t like going shopping because


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