Links about life story work

The Scottish Recovery Network have some excellent publications that can be accessed including their narrative research findings. They have also written story sharing guidance.

The Mental Health National Development Unit has a number of different links and life story information.

Download our up to date list of life story work references.

Social care online has a list of references to life story work in healthcare settings.

Life Story Network is an independent online national network established to share best practise around life story work. There are a number of useful resources and links relating to working with older people.

Corrina West is an artist and poet. She has produced a series of recovery journal collages. They are a great example of how artistically beautiful collage can be. Explanations and the news article about these can be found on her website.

Gemma Anderson is an artist who embarked on a project called Portraits: patients and Psychiatrists during which she produced etched portraits of Psychiatrists and patients after spending time talking with them.   One of Gemma's beliefs is in the 'potential of the portrait as a form of empowering the individual'. 'The portraits included symbols depicting themes from the person's life. Her overall aim was to ' try to represent the people involved in the project in a multi-faceted way - depicting their histories, medicines, interest an emotional worlds.'  Gemma began with asking people various questions about their lives, one of which was what they felt they had in common with their doctor/patient. This could be an interesting creative way to approach life story work and to break down the barriers between worker and patient.






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