Check lists - worker

resouces pictureThis is a checklist we have given to workers to use

In one of the earlier sessions :

  1. Worker to have read through aims and objectives and looked through information
  2. Worker to fill in their own consent form
  3. Storyteller to have had information sheet explained
  4. Storyteller to fill in ‘beginning’ consent form.

Other sessions:

  • Taping
  • Evaluating sessions/record keeping
  • Information re: Writing letters/contacting people
  • Information re: Themes/approaches
  • Sessions – gathering
  • Sessions – collating
  • End session – consent from storyteller and fill in final feedback

Record of approaches taken:

  •  Sending letters to relatives
  • Contacting other places person lived – Telephone/email/letter
  •  One-to-one sessions with resident (chatting)
  •  Using theme cards
  • Taping structured interviews
  • Using photography
  • Using art, painting & drawing
  • Using collage
  • Using other art forms

 Other methods (please specify)


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