Aims of life story workintroduction picture

•To help people make sense of their lives in terms of their life's history.

•To help others understand the individual in broader terms than just their diagnosis or mental health status.

•To give staff a focus for working with the people they care for, to produce something valuable to the person and their family, as well as any future workers.

•To give an insight into issues that are important to individuals and why.

•To give people opportunities to explore new creative avenues or rediscover a previous artistic interest. Life story work can involve learning new skills (such as digital photography) or can be used to enjoy a previous interest, such as working with someone who loves music to create their 'Desert Island Discs'.

Aims of the toolkit

•To offer easy-to-use, straightforward suggestions and ideas to help the life story process.

•To provide a range of ideas and materials for staff supporting people in producing life story work.

•To provide a range of ideas and materials for people who are doing life story work about themselves.


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