Short profile for notes

An idea we would like to encourage is that each person who does life story work within mental health services chooses some of the work they've produced for a short personal profile to be included in the front page of their psychiatric notes.

There could be an exercise that focuses on this, and it could be a challenge for all the team to work on, so that every person ultimately has something in their notes that is personal and unique to them.

One way of doing this would be to pose a series of questions that each person can select from, so the exercise remains non-prescriptive, and so each service user creates their own very individual and unique personal profile.

Below are some ideas of what people might like to share, or that might be helpful for somebody looking at their notes:

What makes me happy
What's important to me
What I like to do
How best to support me
What I need daily or weekly to stay well
Who is important to me
What am I proud of
Who I am (or what makes me, me!).

Including a few photographs or drawings and answers to some of these questions would liven up their notes and help any new member of staff get to know the person deeper than their clinical details allow.


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