Seasons and nature

idea pictureHave the following statements on a table.

People can pick up the ones that interest them. If time allows, encourage them to share any memories or stories about the ones they select.

Walking along on a beach in the wind
Feeling the bracing wind on my face
Feeling the forces of rain and wind
Watching the rain hit against the window
Dancing in the rain
Running in the rain
Walking in the rain
Going into the sea in a thunderstrom
Seeing the amazing colours in a stormy sky
Being indoors or outdoors in a storm
Being on a beach on a summer's day
Walking around in shorts, sandals and sun glasses
Noticing the first spring flowers come up
A snowy day, white and crisp and clear
Building or seeing a snow man
Going out in the rain
Watching dragonflies on a pond on a summer's day
Crunching autumn leaves underfoot
Trees rustling in the wind

Alternately, questions about the weather:

  • What season do you prefer and why?
  • Do any seasons spark any special or important memories for you?
  • What do you like about being outdoors?
  • What's your favourite thing to do indoors?
  • How does snow make you feel?


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