Recovery focused discussion ideas

Here are some discussion points for more recovery focused life story work:ideas picture

1. What positive things you have learnt?

2. What strengths have you discovered that can help you move on in your life?

3. What can you do for yourself to move on and improve your life from where you are now? (Examples might be improve diet, do more exercise, go for a walk daily, see friends more often.)

4. What dreams and goals do you have for the future?

5. What steps might you need to take to work towards your dream? (A good starting point might be reflecting on past dreams and goals, or things you are passionate about and inspired by.)

 6. What are the things in your life you like and enjoy doing? What are the things that keep you feeling motivated, balanced or happy? (There is a tool called the recovery star that can be used to help look at how someone might make improvements in their life.)



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