Positive poster

Positive posterUse collage, photographs, drawings, create a poster that has any or all of the following themes. Think about making the poster as personal and interesting as possible.

Be sensitive when using photographs. Not everyone likes having their photo taken, so suggest other ways of using pictures. A photo of a person's tattoo, an important item of jewellery or clothing, or something they have in their bag can often enhance and personalise a poster far more than the image of someone's face.

Prepare this session in advance. Ask people to bring along photographs of something important to them, of family members or friends, or even to bring along something special to photograph in the session. Access to a scanner or printer creates more options for this session.

What to include on a postive poster?

  • Positive things about me
  • Strengths I have
  • Things I am proud of
  • Things I like doing
  • Things I enjoyed doing in the past
  • Hopes and dreams for the future
  • Things that makes me smile or laugh
  • Music I love
  • What I sing in the shower
  • How I would like to be or feel. Things I would like to do in the future
  • Qualities that my friends or family admire in me, or positive things they would say about me
  • Activities or hobbies I love
  • Things I enjoyed doing in the past
  • Things that make me feel good
  • Friends or relatives that make me feel happy or that I can be myself with
  • Anything quirky or unusual about myself or that I like doing.

 Examples of different styles of posters produced from a workshop.

This exercise can take anything from half an hour to an hour and a half and requires a good selection of magazines. A camera and access to a scanner and printer or pogo or poloroid camera is useful. Coloured paper, Pritstick, and scissors are also necessary.


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