idea pictureThis is good for an ice breaker, breaking down barriers in a group or between just a couple of people.

Simply call out the opposites and ask people have to choose which one they prefer or have feelings about.

There are different approaches, depending on the group:
• as a very fast exercise between two people
• as a slower exercise, allowing time for discussion if anyone has strong feelings or opinions about any of the choices
• as a group activity, it can be done with a show of hands

In a follow up exercise, the group could spend time coming up with new selections of opposites:

Foodie ones:
marmite or peanut butter
jam or marmalade
scrambled or fried egg
poached or boiled egg
rice or pasta
mayonnaise or salad cream
custard or cream
chips or roast potatoes
cheese or tofu
apples or oranges
bourbon or custard cream biscuits
dark or milk chocolate
parsnips or sprouts
pie and mash or toad in the hole
sweet or salty

General ones:
competitive or laid back
gym or swim
active or chilled
going out or staying in
TV or computer
painting or drawing
carpet or wooden floors
curtains or blinds
duvet or blanket
trainers or shoes
slippers or socks
cats or dogs
jumper or cardigan
jeans or cords
anorak or coat
coat or umbrella

hat or hood
café or pub
beer or wine
newspaper or magazine
comedy or drama
ice skating or bowling
cinema or DVD
maths or english
CDs or radio
board games or table tennis
jigsaw or solitaire
barbecue or open fire
sewing or knitting

spring or summer
autumn or winter
daffodils or crocus
snowballs or snowman
skiing or snowboarding
windy or rainy
climbing trees or reading a book
swimming in a lake or sleeping in the sun
shorts or trousers
swimming costume or bikini
sandals or shoes
hat or head scarf
thunder or lightening
frogs or spiders
sheep or pigs
donkeys or horses
cats or dogs
country or city


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