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This session is more suited to a group exercise but can be adapted.

Ask people to bring an object into a session.

Go round and share the name of what you have brought. Check that nobody has any objections to any of the objects people name. If it feels safe, bring out your object. Put all the objects in the middle of the room.

Check again that none of the objects bring up any difficult memories for members of the group.

(It is right we should feel cautious with this exercise. An object that has postive connotations for one person can bring back difficult memories for another, such as an empty packet of cigarettes or empty beer can.)

Ask someone to select an object that isn’t theirs, but that reminds them of something positive from their past or has some current meaning. Ask them to share this briefly with the group. Then ask the person whose object it is to share why they brought it and what meaning it has for them.

At the end, reflect on how the exercise felt and, if there is time, facilitate a discussion about memories and objects.

Objects Exercise Feedback

People have said they liked the exercise and that it was good to have something to say prepared. They enjoyed sharing a spontaneous memory triggered from an object someone else brought along. Triggered by a book cover someone else presented, one group member shared a lovely memory about a positive feeling she experienced with a parent.



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