Life story cards

Example card

The cards are in broad themes, as previously highlighted.

1. Half hour session:

Get a couple of the packs of the theme cards. Choose packs that are better suited to shorter sessions. Grab the sound recorder, but make sure the person you are working with is okay with you recording them. Explain that the recording just makes life easy when you write up the information.

Ask the person if they want to select one of the cards to talk about. Record them. Take five minutes to fill in a worksheet, and label the sound recording.

2. Group session:

Choose a selection of cards most suitable for exploring in a group setting. Your choice might depend on who you have in the group. Encourage people in the group to choose a card to talk about, then see if anyone else would like to talk about the same card. If not, ask somebody else to select a different card and share their thoughts. Keep going in this way. It is always interesting when what one person says sparks ideas or thoughts in another person and discussion ensues.


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