Future goals

ideas pictureThis is a future goals exercise.

1. Ask each person in turn to say one thing they would like to do to improve their life, or to change their life - one thing that would help them move on in their recovery. If someone can’t think of anything, they can pass and you can come back to them at the end, if they want.

2. Write down the ideas on a flip chart or white board. See if there are any common threads. Keep going round until the group have run out of ideas.

3. Ask the group to see what they have in common. Could they split into groups with common goals? If not, can they split into groups that have common themes or that they an identify with as a past goal?

4. On a seperate sheet of paper, ask the group to collectively think through the steps they would need to make to make this change happen. It might be that these steps would be different, despite having a similar goal.

5. Once they have these steps written down, explore the first step each person thought about. Is it something that can be done in the next week ? When could it be done?

In case people get stuck, you could have some suggestions written on cards on a table. For example, improve diet, do more exercise, go for a walk every day, see friends more often.


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