Drawing Ideas

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Here are some ideas that involve drawing. It is important to stress that we can all draw. It's just that some of us draw better than others, but that is no barrier to making marks on paper.

1. Draw your life. Set a time limit, say 30 to 45 minutes. Give everyone who is taking part a pencil or drawing pens and a large sheet of paper. The instructions are simply to draw or visually represent your life within the time limit. This can be done with a series of symbols, stickmen or coloured blocks, and can be abstract, symbolic or representational.

2. Using cartoon style drawings (like stickmen) to depict activities you enjoy or aspects of your life. 

3.  Give each person a sheet of A3 paper and a pencil. Ask them to look at something you've arranged, like a still life, allowing 30 seconds for them to get a clear mental picture. Ask them to point their pencil in the middle of the sheet, close their eyes, and start drawing the still life they see in their heads without lifting the pencil from the page. The results usually produce peels of laughter! This exercise is a good starting point for people who are feeling nervous about drawing.




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