Life story cards challenge

feedback pictureUsing a selection of the life story cards with pictures and phrases (they can be printed from here)

There are many ways they can be used with individuals or in a group setting.

The team's challenge is to try and use them every day for a number of consecutive days (for example 7 days ) and to find some new and creative ways of using them. Each day, the aim is to try out ideas and to document what has been tried. We recommend everybody on the team has a go.

We will kick start the challenge with two ideas that can be used by the teams during the week.

Idea 1 - Put all the phrases upside down on a table. Ask someone in the team to turn one over and see if the phrase sparks an idea, a reaction or a topic that the person wants to explore. If they don’t like the one they have chosen, just turn it back over and try another card.

Idea 2 - Choose just one set of cards (one of the card colours or the ones with full colour pictures) and lay them out on the table. Ask the person to choose one of the cards and, using coloured pens, to map out on a piece of paper all the possible answers to the card, or any ideas it sparks off.

Please remember, whichever method you try:

  1. Make a note of what you tried
  2. Make a note of whether it worked and why you felt it did or didn’t
  3. Ask for feedback from the person you are trying the idea out with
  4. Please ensure someone from the team gathers all feedback.

Use feedback sheets for team members and storyteller


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