Cut up phrases

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Cut up phrases

Create a resource from cutting up headlines or advert phrases, random images from magazines and newspapers.  The challenge is to find ways they can be used with individuals or in a group setting to stimulate memories and discussion.

One way to encourage different members in a team to be involved is to choose a number of consecutive days (perhaps 5-7 days) and suggest a different person from the team tries them on different days.

The aim is to explore the different ways phrases such as these could be used.

One approach is to put all the phrases upside down on a table then ask somebody to turn one over and see if the phrase sparks an idea, a reaction or a topic that the person wants to explore.

Please remember, whatever method you try:

  1. Make a note of what you tried.
  2. Make a note of whether it worked and why you felt it did or didn’t.
  3. Ask for feedback from the person you are trying the idea out with.
  4. Please ensure someone from the team brings all feedback to the MIN meeting next week.

Use feedback sheets for team members and storyteller


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