Short sessions

ideas pictureHalf hour/45 minute sessions

1. Get a couple of the packs of the theme cards – choose packs that may be easier to keep to shorter sessions. (You might want to sound record the session to make it easier to type up, but check that is okay.)

2. Get a large piece of paper/wallpaper/lining paper. Ask the person to choose one of the themes from the theme tick list. Try and map out some of the ideas that the person talks about. 

3. Spend time looking through magazines and/or newspapers with the person and look at subjects of interest to them. Look for things that might spark off particular memories. This could help initiate conversations about why some things were important in the past, or identify things that are of interest now or maybe in the future.

Other ideas:

What other ideas do you have for short sessions ? Make a note below of other ideas that you might try.


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