Getting started - What's it all about

It's all about you!

Doing a life story book or working on a poster can be about anything you want to focus on. It can be about the present time and things you like.

It can be about looking to the future and what you would like to do, or it can be about the past.

It is simply a time for you to spend reflecting, thinking or talking about yourself.

If you do want to spend some time looking at your past, remember that it does not have to be a detailed look at your past with a lot of focus on any emotional or stressful events.  You can include anything you like. Looking at some events in the past with a helper to guide you might help you think about them differently but it is important to consider that it also might be stressful at times.

There is a large range of things you could include and you could look at just one of these areas to begin with, one which you felt comfortable doing.

Below are some examples of things that you might like to think about including:

•    Who was important to me in the past?
•    Which places do you visit in your daily life?
•    What hobbies or interests do you have?
•    Who do you like spending time with?
•    What things would you like to do?
•    What is special in my life now?
•    What things did I like to do when I was growing up?
•    What is it like living here?

This is a list of some subjects. You could begin by ticking the ones you would like to explore:

 People I see regularly
 Places I go
People who support me
People I live with
People I know
Practical things I do
Things I need help with
Physical appearance
Special people
Memories that stand out
Holidays I have been on
 Places I would like to go
Weekly activities
Daily activities
How I like to spend my time
 Birth information
Memories from growing up
School friends
Memories from where I used to live
Special friends/relationships
Special occasions
Hopes and dreams
What's important now
Things I would like to do
Thoughts on the place where I live




Methods I might like to use:
Taking photographs
Doing some voice recordings
Other kinds of art


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